Hello ! Welcome in my sales!
I ship from France.
I have a cat.

My feedback are here ;

I accept paypal and chèque for France.
Shipping and pp fees are not include in prices.

Tracking shipping is expensive especially for USA;
I can ship in "small package international", without tracking but you have to pay on paypal in gift ^^
I can usually ship the saturday ^^
Don't hesitate to ask questions.

1) Sweet Jam set in very good condition
230€ for the set with in gift a Kunika's fake cake (value 80€) and a pink heart hanger.

I can split the set If I have buyers for all items !
200€ for the set without wristcuffs
180€ for the set without wristcuffs and without socks

Angelic pretty sweet jam set contain  :
=>OP in yellow very good condition
=>Waist ties
=> Neck ties
=> A little piece of sweet jam fabric + 1 button
=> Sweet Jam sock in white
=>Angelic Pretty pink wristcuffs
=> Kunika's fake cake
=> Pink heart hanger

(Teddy bear in the picture isn't include ^^)

MEASUREMENTS : MEASUREMENTS: 87cm length, 36cm shoulder width, 88~98cm bust, 68~78cm waist, 28cm cuff

hello lace link :

You can find more picture of Kunika's cake here :

You can find more pictures (weared for example) in my sales album:

Shipping for France is approx 13€ with an insurance until 300€

Shipping for Europe is approx 15-20€ with an insurance until 250€

Shipping for USA is approx 30€ with an insurance until 300€ (sorry french post office is very expensive for US -_-)


2) Angelic pretty Present Ribbon Heart Shoulder bag in brown new without tags: 65€
Just tried in my room but I've bought an other bag so I never use these heart bag.
The bag looks like dark brown on my picture but it is more like the light brown on the stock picture.


3) Innocent world off white lace bolero size M with tag 70€
I just try it but it is the wrong size for me.


4) Sweet Jam skirt + socks (used) 75€
I can split in 60€ the skirt 15€ the pink socks.
The skirt has a little stain (close up on one picture)
DSCF9485 - Copie

5) Angelic pretty Sugar Fairy black blouse 60€

MEASUREMENTS (hello lace) : 47cm length, 37cm shoulder width, 90~100cm bust, 74~85cm waist, 20cm sleeve length, 31cm cuff
But I precise that is too small for a 100cm bust...

Link :
DSCF9491 - Copie

6) AP royal chocolate cuffs in brown (bought on AP paris store) Neverworn : 25€

7) AP crown lace arwarmer black : worn once 35€
Crown lace

8) Angelic pretty cherry berry bunny sock yellow worn once : 25€


9) Melty chocolate socks in pink used : 17€
Twinkle carnival (sugary carnival réedition socks), worn once : 30€


10) Angelic pretty poster : 4€ each


11) Kidsyoyo brown violin beret new with tags : 15€



12) Zygomatics pink earmuffs : 10€


13) Baby cherry knee socks 12€


14) Carrousel socks new newer weared 18€ each


15) Innocent world grey socks : 15€ news

16) Mintymix split wig

Worn here :

17) Secret shop shoes replica baby. 40 € each
Like new. The size is 24,5cm and it is too big for me
Blues one are only weared in my house one night for christmas, red one only weared one day for a meeting.

DSCF9492 - Copie
DSCF9493 - Copie
DSCF9494 - Copie

18) Brown offbrand socks
Left : knee heart socks : 5€
Right : Otk dark brown : 8€


19) Mini brown hat : 5€
Brown Wristcuffs Menthe chocolat 3€ each pair

20) Castle adjustable lavand ring : 8€

21) Pony carrousel necklace 10€

22) Cute brooch 4€

23) Macaron strap 2€


24) Bambi strap 1€


25) Cute bag 5€ each

DSCF9500 - Copie

DS: DS: JSK Alice's portrait (blue) + white cherry socks

.Hi there !

First my egl feedback :

I'm selling My JSK cause I really don't wear these color ^^

First, the official picture :

And my pictures :

I want to notice that the necklace make a little "tear" . But It is very very little and not observable. Only with a big close up. 

The dress come with waist ties (not on the photos) and the bow (on the photo). The bow is a "little fallen".

Close up on the beautiful print :

Proof : (Weared by me):

About measurements : Please visit hellolace here :

About Price : 180€ without shipping
Shipping : Worlwide but I don't know the price. Please tell me you country and I will go to the post office ^^

Baby cherry sock :   12€

Hi there :

First my egl feedback :

I'm selling these beautiful Sweet Jam Skirt :

Close up :

Détails :

Measures : Please visit hellolace :
Price : 110€ without shipping and paypal fees.
Shipping : Worlwide : I don't know the exacly price, so give me your county and I will go to the post office ^^

AP brown Heart bag : 75€ like new. Just try once. It never go out my bedroom ^^

AP catalogue 2010: 10€
(Sweet Jam bow is already sell)

Thanks for Looking ^^

Hi everybody !

Salut tout le monde ^^
Je me présente, Agathe, 21 ans, une lolita française.
J'avais découvert le lolita il y a 2ans et j'avais acheté ma première robe, une Sweet Jam rouge Angelic pretty.
Mais j'ai délaissé le lolita.
Depuis mars 2011, je suis à nouveau dans ce monde.
Ma marque favorite est angelic pretty.
A bientôt ^^

Hi everybody !

My name is Agathe and my nickname is "Caly".
I'm 21years old.
My favourite brand is Angelic pretty <3

Seen you soon on lj, don't hesitate to leave me a comment ^^